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Lean Management Training Phase III for An Aerospace Group in Shanghai

On September 11, 2019, lean management training phase  for an aerospace group in Shanghai was launched. The training theme is "Training Skills and Modeling of Internal Trainers", taught by Mr. Zhou , Senior Consultant of Dantotsu .This course combines the previous two lean tools training, plays a connecting role. It is expected that the trainees can master the training skills, and can carry out efficient internal training transformation in our company.

Around the basic skills of the trainer,Mr. Zhou launched the training.Through understanding, the groups develop their imagination and summarize the teaching skills taught by the teachers into "several real knowledge" of each group.
Subsequently, Mr. Zhou introduced the three essential elements for the modelling of the internal training materials. The members of each group then began to design their own course modelling and introduced it.

Using the training skills and requirements learned in the morning, the trainees design the content they are familiar with for 5 minutes and introduce it on the stage. Each group and mentor make comments. Any training needs adequate preparation and many exercises in advance, so that they can share and answer questions freely and calmly on the stage.
Mr. Zhou summarizes and assigns assignments for today's course content. Mr. Yan of the group also puts forward some expectations and requirements from the group level. He feels that the overall interaction and operability of the training is very good. He expects that all the students can learn and apply it, and turn cocoons into butterflies as soon as possible.

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