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2019 Lean Work Summary Meeting was held in an aviation industry group in Shanghai

On the afternoon of December 27, 2019 Lean Work Summary Meeting was held in an aviation industry group in Shanghai. Company management, department managers, lean project leaders, lean internal trainers and other 55 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Ms. Tang Guifen, deputy general manager of Industrial Development Department.

At the meeting, Industrial Development Department showed the sidelights of lean work in 2019 through video and reported the lean work in 2019 in the form of Powerpoint. With the purpose of promoting key projects and cultivating lean teams, the company cooperated with Dantotsu to form a joint demonstration enterprise, which has made progress and breakthroughs in three aspects: star site construction, key projects and war room management, project talent training and lean promotion. Through the promotion of 11 key lean projects, the company reduced the cost by 2.3103 million yuan, increased the revenue by 35.4 million yuan, trained 13 lean internal trainers, drove more than 122 team improvement projects, and the team participation rate reached 70.5%.

During the meeting, Mr. Jin Hao, general manager of Human Resources Department, announced the list of the junior, middle and senior lean internal trainers. Vice president Fang, general manager Jin and Secretary Zhao respectively issued certificates to lean craftsmen (senior internal trainers), lean coaches (intermediate internal trainers) and lean internal trainers (junior internal trainers).  Secretary Zhao presented them with certificates.

During the work communication, Shanghai Feiao Conventional Product Value Stream introduced Andon management in the aspect of production line digital promotion, and accelerated the online quality tracing and response work. 738 Health Management Center introduced the application of value stream management method to carry out small batch continuous flow improvement in physical examination of large teams, reduce the waiting time by 50%, and reduce the work intensity of medical staff. Mr. Yang (Shanghai Feiao) shared the practice and case of 3P production preparation process in the construction of smart meter production line.

At the meeting, a lean benchmarking explanation was also arranged. Mr. Yang Kai from Dantotsu brought the course called Lean Transformation and Leadership from the Perspective of Operation. The content of the course was to see the value creation from the perspective of on-site and finance, to understand the approach, method, management "paradigm" (concept) and work strategy of lean transformation.


At last, Mr. Fang, vice president of the company, made a summary speech. He first affirmed the work in 2019, and then put forward five requirements:
1. Required to improve the site, advocate action and use value to drive all work.
2. Required to company management to attach great importance to and plan Lean Culture Project in 2020.
3. Required to focus on training the main talents participating in Lean Culture Project.
4. Required all employees to practice the Lean Culture Project
5.Required Industrial Development Department to carry out Lean Culture Project jointly with Human Resources Department and Party Department, so as to make a good plan for lean work in 2020.


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