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29th Sensi Club - Decoding Lean Supply Chain Transformation

Sensei club is a public welfare organization gathering excellent lean consultants, lean experts, lean change leaders and lean enterprise executives in the industry. Lean transformation is a marathon. Let's work together to pursue excellence and become an absolutely leading lean professional in the industry.

The lean transformation of an enterprise can not be separated from the collaborative lean improvement transformation of the supply chain. In the 1960s, Toyota, the originator of lean, helped the suppliers to make Heijunka in order to cooperate with their own JIT pull, and helped the suppliers to comprehensively promote lean transformation in quality, cost and lead time, so as to make itself and the supply chain develop the lean transformation in coordination.

Domestic enterprises are also promoting supply chain lean transformation to meet their own lean transformation needs, but there are few successful enterprises like Toyota. However, most enterprises only stay in their own factories and start to promote lean transformation. They are in the initial stage of lean transformation, and have not yet promoted lean supply chain. Promoting lean supply chain is an important part of lean transformation.

On November 16, 29th Sensei Club "Lean Supply Chain Transformation Salon" was successfully held in Apollo building, Jing'an, Shanghai. Professionals from electrical appliances, water treatment, auto parts, customized research and other industries participated in the Sensei Club which was shared by Mr. Zhao Dan, a lean supply chain practice specialist, and Mr. Fu Yanjun, a senior consultant of Dantotsu.


Mr. Zhao shared the evolution of lean supply chain transformation, from focusing on the process to focusing on employee participation and lean leadership. Lean supply chain transformation requires leaders to lead the team thinking and change with lean thinking, and lean can not be separated from employee participation, so as to improve employee ability through participating in the improvement.

Mr. Fu shared a summary of how to shorten ETO, how to systematically promote order delivery improvement. Mr. Fu shared 3 steps of ETO improvement, which is manufacturing improvement, R & D improvement and supply chain improvement.



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