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Dantotsu Lean Coach - CEO Lean Transformation Counseling

Dantotsu Provides Professional Lean Transformation Coach Guidance for Enterprise Executives

No matter multinational enterprises or Chinese enterprises are facing the pressure of economic downturn. Lean thinking as the mainstream management concept has been widely used in various industries. In the process of implementing lean, many enterprise executives often lack the guidance of lean trsformation experts. Although investment takes time and money, the effect is not obvious. After 2-3 years of lean management, many enterprises do not know where to go next and how to maintain the achievements and continue to improve.

What is the secret of lean transformation?

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Consulting – CEO Lean Transformation Coach - Lead Your Executive Team on A Lean Journey

Many enterprises are skilled in applying lean tools and improvement methods in the process of implementing lean, including Just In Time, Continuous Improvement, One Piece Flow, Jidoka, Heijunka and so on. These production tools are pregnant with lean manufacturing revolution. However, the application of lean tools is not the secret weapon of successful lean transformation for enterprises. In order to promote lean transformation of enterprises, it is necessary to break away from the engineer mode of tool application, require corresponding organizational development, leadership and transformation management support, so as to achieve sustained success.

Dantotsu’s lean strategy consultants have 20 years of practical experience in lean transformation. From Lean System, Organization Development, Transformation Management, Leadership Paradigm and Behavior Mode, we guide enterprise executives to grasp the core factor of lean transformation, so as to successfully promote lean transformation for enterprises and gain sustained competitive advantage.

CEO Lean Transformation Coach - Counseling Content

Lean Transformation Deployment Elements

Lean Transition Deployment Architecture and Responsibilities

Lean Strategy Planning and Deployment

Lean Leadership Paradigm Change - 12 Paradigms

Lean Behavior Mode - Nine Palace

Product Line Integration and Value Stream Transformation

Lean Annual Key Project Planning and Counseling

War Room and A3

Executive Lean Skill Matrix and Capacity Building

Organizational Development and Lean Certification

Internal Lean Talent Identification and Training

CEO Lean Transformation Coach – Guidance mode

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Consultants use one-to-one consultation, concept cultivation, leadership training, executive coaches and on-site counseling to train CEO and executive team how to successfully implement lean transformation and gain sustained competitive advantage.

CEO Lean Transformation Coach – Core Module

Lean System

Lean Strategy Deployment

Lean Transformation Management

Lean Promotion Architecture Design

Lean Leadership Training

Value Stream Transformation

Lean Project Promotion

Breakthrough Process Improvement

War Room and A3

Lean Expert Skills


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