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Professional Certification

Dantotsu Lean Coach - Professional Certification

A Dual-Channel Model of Organization Development

In the process of lean transformation, internal lean capacity building is the focus of lean work. The dual-channel model of capacity building is based on the experience of hundreds of factories at home and abroad. The meaning of dual-channel is that lean capacity building is divided into professional channel and management channel.The professional channel is for internal lean personnel and the management channel is for managers at all levels. There are great differences in learning content, training purpose and mode between them. Enterprises need to treat them differently when designing and promoting internal capacity building.

Management Channel - Lean Belts Certificaiton

Lean Belts Certificaiton and internal human resources policies are generally combined to build the capacity of the management channel. So as to realize the tranformation from “make me change”to “I want to cheange”.

Professional Channel - Professional Certification

Lean professional training adopts three-level training mode, including lean specialist, lean coach and lean expert.The lean specialist level focuses on the development of lean tools The goal is that lean specialists can combine the lean tools with the current situation of the company. Lean Coach Level requires not only the ability to apply lean, but also the ability to promote others to implement lean. Higher requirements are put forward for their soft skills. Lean expert training focuses on lean change management and leadership, so that they can lead the lean transformation fo the company and skillfuly promote lean in manufaturing and end to end processes.


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