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Dantotsu Lean Coach - Lean Belts Certificaiton Program

Lean Belts Certificaiton Program is one of the important tasks of organization development in lean transformation. The purpose is to cultivate and establish an internal high-potential talent team, build an inter-disciplinary talent team that understands business and lean management and lay a solid foundation for long-term healthy development of the enterprise. Danstotsu Lean Strategy Team has estabilshed Lean Belts Certificaiton Program in dozens of large enterprises, and has trained a large number of young lean talents with high potential in the past ten years. Using lean certification system to train internal lean talents can achieve three important objectives:

1. Ensure that personnel within the organization use a standardized approach to training, guiding, and certifying lean thinking. ensure consistency of personnel training quality.

2. In the method of certification, the combination of “learning by doing” and “on-the-job practice” is adopted to closely combine lean thinking with daily work, so as to integrate lean theory with practice.

3. Combine lean certification with promotion mechanism to make human resources policy leverage and become the power source of learning organization.

Red Belt

Lean Leader

Black Belt Master

Lean Expert

Black Belt

Lean Pilotage

Green Belt

Lean Advanced

Blue Belt

Lean Foundation

Lean Belts Certificaiton Program

Enterprise lean personnel training and certification project can improve the quality and speed of internal lean talent training by combining the professional resources of external consulting companies. The vision is that all personnel in the organization should understand lean thinking and have the ability of basic improvement, that is, lean foundation level (Lean Foundation – Lean Blue Belt). 30% of the personnel should complete advanced level training (lean Advanced - Lean Green Belt). The content includes daily management, problem solving and Kaizen. 10% of managers and engineers should achieve lean proficiency level (Lean Pilot-Lean Black Belt), that is they can plan, promote and implement major lean improvement projects. 1% of personnel should achieve expert level (lean Expert - Lean Black Belt Master), they can guide the overall lean promotion work in the enterprise and have the ability to continuously cultivate internal lean talents. Senior management and high-potential middle managers should achieve lean leadership level to lead the lean change in the enterprise. (Lean Leadership - Lean Red Belt).

The essence of successful lean transformation is the training of lean talents (Developing Person)

The founder of TPS, Daiichi Ohno, said, “Manufacturing is educating people”.

Action: Practical Training

Knowledge: Professional Knowledge Structure









Project Training

Belts Certificaiton

Continuous improvement capability that can replicate itself

Organization Development

Traditional Point to Point Training

Internal experts should be able to undertake 80% of the work of external lean consultants within three years. Internal experts should be able to undertake 100% of the work of external lean consultants within five years. Most of the senior managers should gradually achieve the level of lean experts within five years. .

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