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3P Lean Smart Plant Design

Dantotsu 3P Lean Plant Design Method combines the frontier practice of lean plant design of dozens of domestic and foreign enterprises. It greatly improves the overall operation performance. Lean development model is trsnformed form typical post-improvement to pre-design. Please call Dantotsu Company for professional services.

1. Frontier Practice of 3P Lean Smart Plant Design

Frontier Practice Case I

An automotive electronics company which headquters in Xiamen planned to establish a new lean smart plant in Xiamen in 2017. The senior management decided to introduce 3P Lean Smart Plant Design Methodology in the design and construction stage of the new plant, and change the existing production mode, production line shape, plant layout and field management according to the industry-leading level. They coporated with Dantotsu consulting team to build an industry-leading Lean Smart Benchmarking Plant. The expected operation performance of the new plant exceeds the operating level of the existing plant through 3P Lean Smart Plant Design. At the same time, the solution in the design was applied to the existing plant, and excellent results have been achieved.

Frontier Practice Case II

A foreign enterprise headquarteres in Spain set up a new factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province several years ago. Its core process came from the German factory in the group, that is, the German factory process was copied to China. The company management team  decided to introduce 3P Lean Smart Plant Design Methodology in the design and construction stage of the new plant, and change the German plant fixed-point operation mode according to the market environment of multi-variety and small-batch in China. They coporated with Dantotsu consulting team to build an leading lean benchmarking plant in the group. The company has achieve great success through 3P Lean Plant esign, and its operation performance is greatly improved. It has become a lean benchmarkinm plant within the group, and its lean operation has been expanded to plants in Zhuhai and Beijing.

The following is the reference data statistics of plant operation up to 2015. It can be seen that the application of 3P lean plant design method can greatly improve operation performance and obtain absolutely leading market competitiveness.

Typical performance of 3P lean design method after application in the enterprise:

Order delivery level: from 80% to 98% - increased by 22.5%

Order lead time: from 6 weeks to 2 days – reduced by 93%

Overall inventory level: from 41 to 7 - reduced by 83%

Total productivity: increased by 23%

2. What are the problems and challenges of traditional factory design?

According to incomplete statistics, more than 90% of enterprises in the new plant construction period, the overall layout of the factory, production line design, logistics distribution and process management and other factors are not well considered, the design is unreasonable.So that there are many problems after the new factory is put into operation. This includes low equipment utilization, poor applicability of factory capacity to future demand changes, inefficient operation and other problems. These waste of built-in design requires a lot of time and manpower to improve and perfect in subsequent operation.

If enterprises can consider these problems in the early design and construction stage of factories, that is to say, lean principles are introduced in the design and construction stage. Most of waste of build in design can be avoided. In reality, most factories only consider the regional layout and hardware planning when they are under construction.Few factories integrate lean thinking into the construction process. And more business leaders do not understand that lean factories are “designed” rather than being transformed through continuous improvement.

Lean design

Introduce lean thinking from the plant design stage and eliminate root causes of waste from the source

Take information technology as the implementation means, take lean concept as the guidance and integrate optimization technology, concurrent engineering and other advanced management concepts

It can realize dynamic and visual design, has good flexibility, and has the ability to adapt to the environment and strategic adjustment of enterprises.

People with lean thinking, business managers, plant designers and sometimes suppliers and customers

Lean introduction time is early. It can avoid problems that may occur in the later operation of the design scheme, and lay the foundation for realizing lean production.






Traditional design

Complete the design requirements of the factory, and in most cases only meet the process flow

Based on the experience and knowledge of traditional designers, subjective,a small amount of computer technology

Based on static design and rigid, it can not display the expected operation of the design, and it is difficult to reflect changes in the external environment.

Based on pure traditional factory design institute  staff, limited communication with relevant personnel of the enterprise

Can not diagnose the waste in the plant design plan, may increase the operating cost of the plant, and reduce the competitiveness of the enterprise

3. What is 3P Lean Smart Plant Design Method?

3P is the abbreviation of Production Preparation Process. It is an important lean high-level design tool for factory layout and new product introduction, and a key verification activity for enterprise investment approval. 3P originated from the internal practice of Toyota plant design.It was gradually known to the world by Japanese consultants in the application of Boeing aircraft and other well-known European and American enterprises.

3P is to design the production process according to lean principles before the new product is put into production or before the layout of the new plant. That can ensure the manufacturing capacity, build the built-in quality of the process, and ensure that the designed production process has high efficiency and low cost. 3P integrates information technology and automation technology, which will minimize the introduction of new products or new plant construction project resources, such as equipment investment, factory site, fixtures and commissioning or new plant construction time.

The core idea of 3P is to trsnform form post-improvement to pre-lean design.It help enterprises to do things right once and establish an industry-leading lean smart factory with first-class performance and perfect management.

Post Improvement

Prior Design

3P is a methodology based on team work, integrating lean principles and tools to design excellent factories.

4. What occasions apply to 3P Lean Smart Plant Design Method ?

3P Lean Design Method is applicable to new factories, old factory renovation, smart layout, intelligent production line, workstation and tooling design. Some companies use 3P as a necessary step for verification before any capital investment. Since 3P Lean Design Method requires teamwork and a lot of simulation time, it is generally applicable to the following six occasions:

4-1 New Plant Design (Including Layout, Production Line, Logistics, etc.)

4-2 Old Factory Renovation (Overall Renovation Including Offices)

4-3 Plant Layout And Production Line Design (Also Applicable to New Product Introduction)

4-4 Major Changes in Market Demand (Overall Adjustment of Product Line)、

4-5 Change Batch Process to One Piece Flow (Rectification Transformation of Machining Workshop with Traditional Cluster Layout)

4-6 Capital Investment Approval (Verify Whether Capital Investment is Scientific and Reasonable)

4-7 Investment in Intelligent Equipment and System (Combined with Operating System Capacity Improvement)

5. What are the typical benefits of 3P Lean Smart Plant Design Method?

3P Lean Design Method is adopted to help enterprises gain the advantage of market competition, that is, when the factory is built, it is the time to start making profits.Enterprises can obtain quantitative and intangible benefits by applying 3P lean design.

5-1 Fast – Lead Time: Shortened  by 50-80%

5-2 On time - punctual delivery rate: inreased by 20% - 40%

5-3 High Turnover - Inventory: reduced by 40%-90% (increase punctual delivery rate while reducing inventory)

5-4 High Efficiency - Productivity: increased by 20%-35%

5-5 Flexibility - Establish a mixed production line and material system that is suitable for multiple varieties and small batches;

5-6 Vertical production - the new plant is delivered on schedule and can be put into vertical production;

5-7 Smart - the new factory combines automation and information design to build a smart factory with high return on investment;

5-8 Standard - establish new plant design standards and specifications, and cultivate high-quality plant design professionals;

6. What is the unique method of Dantotsu 3P Lean Smart Factory Design ?

6-1 Strategic Guidance: the best design methods which integrate 3P, Lean Supply Chain, Organization Trsansformation and Lean Operating System. to integrate Design and company strategy are integrated perfectly

6-2 Seven designs: seven new layouts are designed under the guidance of consultants, and an optimal scheme is selected after the team's comprehensive evaluation.

6-3 Moonshine: Quickly obtain the best implementation plan with a reduced scale or full size layout and production line simulation

6-4 Natural Law: All solutions are sought from nature to explore breakthrough solutions (bionics);

6-5 OBEYA: The lean project management method called OBEYA is adopted to manage the lean plant design and construction projects.

6-6 Intelligentialize: 3P design process integrates advanced information and intelligent technology.

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