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Lean Supplier Development Program

Lean Supplier Development is to build stronger enterprises by building win-win business partnerships between customers and suppliers. This is different from traditional supply chain management or supplier improvement projects,Because their focus is on short-term cost reductions。Enterprises reduce the cost of the whole product life cycle by cultivating suppliers'long-term operational ability。

Lean supplier development integrates host factory quality system

One of the pillars of lean production system is Jidoka,it is the concrete practice method of constructing zero defect quality system. Lean production has been widely carried out among domestic suppliers,combine with the quality system of the host factory to facilitate the integration of supplier quality management system。The implementation of lean production contributes to the overall improvement of enterprise quality management system,it is helpful to construct long-term soil suitable for quality system implementation.

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Lean Supplier Develops Price System of Fusion Host Factory

Because of the pressure of the market,suppliers face falling prices, resulting in loss of trust and confidence,ultimately high cost of life cycle。If you only pay attention to the price individually,quality and delivery time and even the speed of new product launches will be in trouble。Lean supplier development as a key driver of process improvement and cost reduction,helping the core suppliers of the company build the ability to operate with excellence,helps build stronger customer-supplier relationships。

Company profit and loss statement analysis

Material cost accounts for more than 60% of the company's cost structure,therefore, reducing the material purchase price of suppliers is an important way to reduce product cost. In a global market environment is extremely difficult,it's not easy for a company to survive and grow during the period,many companies have launched their own lean supplier development projects。By introducing lean production into the supplier group,at the same time of reducing the material cost, continuously improve the system operation level of strategic suppliers。

Dantotsu advocates a lean supplier development approach very similar to that successfully implemented by Toyota. Suppliers as a holistic partner play a key role in reducing overall lifecycle costs,focus on improving the following areas:

Overall cost of parts,Product quality,On time delivery,Speed of New Product Launching

Companies in the implementation of lean supplier development project can get benefits:

1)Improve supplier cash flow

2)Improve supplier productivity

3)Reducing Inventory and Improving Quality in the Whole Supply Chain

4)Develop lean management capabilities of enterprise supplier teams

Lean supplier development process

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Suppliers play an increasingly important role in the lean transformation of enterprises,because the success of the company depends more and more on the success of the supplier. Lean strategy has become an important pillar for the survival and development of enterprises,many companies have found that suppliers have become a major shortcoming in the transformation of their lean supply chain after three to five years of lean strategy implementation,only lean suppliers can build a true lean supply chain.

Dantotsu 's Lean Supplier Development Model

Supplier lean capability development model


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