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Lean Factory Certification

What kind of factory is Lean Factory?

The company has been implementing lean production for many years. What is the current lean status of the factory?

The group company has dozens of factories, how to lead these factories to improve their lean production level?

How to evaluate which factories have a higher level of lean implementation?

These problems often bother enterprise managers and lean promotion team in the process of lean production implementation.

Lean Factory Certification sets up learning and catching up benchmarks for many factories by building Lean Benchmarking Factories in the regions or business units. The level of Lean Benchmarking Factory is divided into five levels. The highest level is five-star factory. Three-star factory is the entry-level Lean Benchmarking Factory. The factory below three-star level can not be called Lean Benchmarking Factory.

The company establishes the evaluation standard of one-star to five-star lean factory, and carries out lean star evaluation on the subordinate factories, which can not only clarify the future status of lean transformation for the factories, but aslo is easy to evaluate and rank the lean level of each factory. Their shortcomings are pointed out and the effort direction is defined in the future.

Lean Factory Certification- The Group company

Lean transformation lever

Target(Striving Direction)

Route map(The way to achieve)

current situation(Understand the good and bad of each factory)

1.Lean Factory Certification- the Important Leverage Driving Force for Group Companies to Promote Lean

Lean factory certification construction is an important lever for group companies to implement lean,by establishing a group-level lean factory standard,to establishing lean vision for subordinate factories,and driving the ability of subordinate factories to improve lean operations every year. Through setting up the model of lean factory certification within the group, to promote the group's factory quickly copy and promotion.

Lean factory certification is an Important milestone for Enterprises to Promote Lean Transformation, By establishing a lean certification modle to build a beacon effect for the lean transformation of enterprises, and drive the brother factory will make progress together. The Lean factory certification is a company that has achieved outstanding results at all latitudes through its lean approach and is an outstanding leader in the industry.

Through the evaluation of lean certification level of factory, can make lean certification ranking for subordinate factories or suppliers, and set the next year certification standards for factory promotion.

Lean production certification

Two-star factory

Three-star factory

Four-star factory

Five-star factory

2.Lean Factory certification System - Core Output

Lean Factory certification building Output includes Star Evaluation Criteria, Manual, Report and Internal Evaluator culturing, etc. Reflected in the following five aspects:

2.1 Lean Factory certification Standard(4 systems + 27 modules)

4 systems

01 LMA-Lean Maturity Assesment 02 KCM-Kaizen Change Management

03-1 TFM-Totle Flow Management 03-2 TPM-Total Productive Maintenance

27 modules

1.Leadership concept 2. Education and training 3. Customer & Process Orientation 4. Heijunka & Load Balancing 5. Visual management 6. Responsibility 7. Quality built-in 8. problem solved 9. Empowerment and Emphasis on Employees 10. Continuous improvement system 11. Support improved incentives and system development 12. Daily improvement team development 13. Project improvement process development 14.KVP Improve system construction 15. Lean KPI target system build 16. Supply chain system design 17. Basic stability build 18. Production line flow 19. Internal logistics and information flow management 20. External Logistics and Information Flow Management 21.TPM Management mechanism 22. Training talent 23. operator productive maintenance 24. Special maintenance 25. Initial Management of Maintenance 26. Efficiency case improvement 27. Quality Maintenance Activities

209 clauses

2.2 Lean Factory certification buildding Manual(Eight-Character Circulation Method)

Summary of the Eight-Character Cycle Propulsion Method for Lean Production in Four-star factory of United Company

2.3 Lean Factory certification Promotion Manual

2.4 Lean Factory certification Evaluation Report, Internal Evaluator and Lean Dictionary

2.5Lean Factory certification Evaluation Ranking

3. Operation Mechanism of Lean Factory certification

Dantotsu summarizes the three operating mechanisms of lean factory certification construction by implementing years of practical experience in lean factories certification in many industrial chains such as automobiles, new energy, and electricity:

a.Construction of Eight Lean Modules

Lean Factory certification Core Module includes eight aspects,are the 5S site management, problem solving, self-maintenance, improve focus, standard work, lean production line / logistics, quality systems and lean team,the cornerstone of the eight aspects to establish lean factory.

b. Lean management eight- character cycle

The lean management eight-character cycle principle is to make   lean improvement as part of daily work, that is ,Lean management mechanism is imported at each organizational level in the factory, make from PDCA to SDCA built-in the eight-character cycle. Whenever the process is abnormal, you must ask yourself the following questions: Did it happen because there was no standard?  Did it happen because it did not comply with the standard? Or did it happen because of inappropriate standards? Only the establishment of standards, and indeed comply with, in order to stabilize the current process, can proceed to the next PDCA cycle.

c. Four-dimensional performance breakthrough

Lean Factory certification achieves continuous improvement of PDCA cycle by breaking through four dimensions: excellent scene, excellent performance, excellent personnel and excellent process, the improvement at lean factories above three-star are increasing at least double digits per year.

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