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Lean Academy

Lean training academy is an important carrier for enterprises to implement lean management and the core talent training carrier for cultivating lean “Whampoa Military Academy”. Dantotsu has established lean academies and training systems for key global multinational companies through the accumulation of lean experts in the world for 30 years. Since 2009, Dantotsu has established lean academies for well-known central enterprises and leading large private enterprises, and has trained many professional lean talents.

Lean Academy Trains High Potential Lean Talents and Improvement Soil for Enterprises

Value proposition of customized services in Dantotsu Lean Academy

Enterprises will encounter many obstacles and challenges in the process of implementing lean. 80% of the problems are about personnel awareness and organizational ability. There is an urgent need to improve the lean concept, knowledge and application of internal staff.

Lack of systematic lean learning leads to the fact that most managers do not have a good understanding of lean, or even wrong cognition and understanding, which leads to the lack of sustainability in the implementation of lean.

Senior managers are struggling to cope with the dimission of core personnel, lack of echelon construction and long-term talent development plan, which leads to the stagnation or even regression of operation and promotion in many enterprises due to the departure of lean core personnel.



Don't understand the relationship between lean and own job

Have learned a lot of tools, but don’t know how to effectively promote lean work.

Understand lean is important, but  don’t know how to support lean work.

Much cry and little wool, don't know how to make specific improvements.

Achievements cannot be maintained or even reversed

Has always been a demonstration line and cannot be popularized.

Management does not understand lean and its potential benefits

Lack of working ideas to implement lean scope, steps and resource allocation

Don't know how to support and promote lean.

Lean implementation teams lack the necessary skills and organizational capabilities to improve.

Failure to give timely and appropriate guidance when encountering difficulties in the process of promotion

Limited to pilot areas, lack of methods and consensus for comprehensive implementation

Lean Academy

Lean Academy is the core element to realize the perfect flow of enterprise talent value stream, and also an important organization to establish the enterprise lean talent echelon. Lean Academy realizes the continuous training and echelon construction of lean talents to avoid the stagnation and retrogression of lean reform caused by the dimission of core personnel.

Enterprise Development Strategy and Strategy Deployment

Stable employment relationship and safeguard

Strong human resources support internal fairness

Slow Promotion and Motivation







Internal and external human resources poolTalent selectionTalent training

Performance value

Motivation and loyalty

Promotion and talent output

Respect for people, practical problem solving, visual management, lean leadership

More challenging jobs and opportunities

Lean Academy Custom List: Shenyang Machine Group (Equipment Machinery), Xuji Group Coporation ( Electric), Dengfeng Electricity Group Company Limited (Recycling Energy) and Nanyang Feilong (Automobile Parts)

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