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Lean Strategy Transformation

In order to obtain long-term market competitiveness, lean management has become the mainstream management idea in the 21st century. Many enterprises that practice lean thinking have achieved good results through 3 to 5 years of lean managermeant. However, The vast majority of domestic enterprises still remain at the level of simple tool application, lack of systematicness and sustainability, and have nothing to do with the overall strategy and financial performance. Compared with the excellent performance of world-class lean companies such as Toyota and Danaher, these enterprises can only be called "amateurs".

The key problem is that these enterprises often mistake a specific set of lean tools for deep lean thinking. In fact, lean thinking involves broader and deeper changes of organizational culture. It needs to be closely combined with corporate strategy and financial performance to achieve excellent performance. At present, most companies lack the promotion of integrating lean management at the strategic level.

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Transformation

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Most companies implement lean at the tool level

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Manufacturing System

Point/Line performance improvement

Dantotus' Lean Strategic Consulting Team integrates 30 years of global lean transformation practice experience.It has been working with customers to deal with various challenges of lean transformation for decades, and has helped many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to introduce lean strategy , gain competitive advantage in the market, and achieve outstanding results.

Dantotus Lean Strategy Transformation System is based on the management practice of first-class lean enterprises. We plan and deploy lean strategies in the whole value chain with customers to comprehensively enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises.

Dantotus Lean Strategy Transformation System is not limited to QCD Lean Tool and System, which are usually used to enhance the company performance, such as quality, cost and delivery. Meanwhile, it is based on the company's strategic deployment to implement lean tools and systems for value growth, and promote the continuous growth of enterprise revenue. It closely combines lean operation and financial performance at the strategic level. Through the design, deployment and implementation of lean operating system, the enterprise management system and lean working mode are perfectly integrated to create DNA genes of the continuous improvement culture for organization.

Plan and deploy lean strategy system from enterprise strategy. End-to-end lean is adopted to cover the whole value chain. Achieving excellent operation is used as a competitive weapon to get excellent performance. Achieve continuous growth performance of enterprise revenue and profit through value growth lean. Deploy enterprise-class lean operatining system and establish the DNA of continuous improvement culture.

Lean Strategy Transformation System is the best practice for enterprises to successfully implement lean, and it is also the core methodology that closely combines the company's core resources and lean transformation work.


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