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End to End Lean

As lean thinking becomes the mainstream management thinking in the world, lean production in the manufacturing process alone can no longer meet the requirements of enterprise development, only implementing lean production in the manufacturing process can no longer meet the requirements of enterprise development. In the process of consulting practice, we aslo find that the results which are got from lean production are limited. The production process takes less than 10% of the total time in the whole value chain. 90% of the remaining time is taken by sales, engineering design, purchasing, supply chain , logistics management and orther processes. End to End Lean has become the trend of implementing lean transformation for enterprises. Please see below, the industry benchmarking data of end-to-end lean enterprises.

End to End Lean has become a necessary strategy for excellent enterprises to get competitive advantages. By eliminating waste in the end-to-end process, creat a customer-oriented, defect-free process and build an excellent operating environment that stimulates employee creativity and vitality. Dantotsu Lean Strategy Consulting Team has many years of practical experience in end-to-end lean consulting in the whole process. It is the first professional lean consulting institution to implement the End to End Lean in China.

Gain competitive advantage by End to End Lean

End to End Lean is from the customer demand end to meeting the customer demand end. End to End Lean Operating is carried out in the whole process. The input end of End to End is market. Order delivery is accelerated, intermediate inventory level is lowered, and fast and efficient delivery service is achieved through End to End Lean. The global business environment is accelerating change,  this forces companies and organizations to evaluate their concepts and technologies to cope with business challenges. Through End to End Lean, enterprises and organizations can improve the sensitivity, controllability and transparency of business processes to adapt to highly differentiated business processes. 30% of management costs are reduced, 50% of cycle time is shortened, thereby the core competitiveness of enterprises is enhanced.

End to End Lean is based on lean principles of flow, pull and Heijunka to  improve the speed and accuracy of information in the business value stream. Creating a lean system with good information flow is often much more difficult than manufacturing. The key is to make information flow and identify the waste that can be removed to improve to the target state.

Practical cases of End to End Lean

1. The practical case of End to End Lean in a multinational corporation

2. The practical case of End to End Lean in a large state-owned enterprise

3. The practical case of End to End Lean in a domestic automobile plant

Consulting Model of End to End Lean


1-3-5 Years’ Object

Business Model

Customer/Value Proposition/Process/Cost Structure

Strategy Deployment

Core Competitiveness




Balanced Scorecard

Research and Development

Market Sales


After Service

Service Management

Information Management

Logistics Management

Business Functions

End to End Process

Order Processing, BPI Business Process Lean

Engineering Design, Lean Project Management

Material Purchasing, Lean Supply Chain

Production Preparation, Lean Logistics

Production Manufacturing, Lean Production

Warehouse Logistics, Lean Logistics

Financial Receipt, BPI Business Process Lean


Core Module

Business Value Flow

Process Scanning

Business Process View

Breakthrough Improvement Week

Material Supermarket

Practical Problem Solving

Visual Management

3P Process Design

Standard Work

One-Piece Flow Cell



Lean Tools


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