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Lean Benchmarking Factory Consulting Case - Food Industry

Company Profile:
The company is the largest ice cream manufacturer in China, the production and sales have been leading the country for 9 years. It has 12 production bases and more than 40 sales branches. Relying on strong production bases and sales networks, its products are sold all over the country. The company has advanced production equipments and innovative R&D capabilities. There are more than 200 kinds of products. The products are from traditional channel products to family-packed milk and can meet the demand of different consumers.

Project Achievements:
Quantitative Indicators:
Reduced cleaning time by 34%
- Improved efficiency by 17%
- Reduce tap water for cleaning by 70%
- Reduced pure water for cleaning by 55% 
- Reduced power consumption for cleaning by 55%  
- Reduced microorganisms for cleaning by 6.77%. 
Qualitative Indicators:  
- Improved the capacity of single shift, improved the market demand response in peak season 
- Introduced 5S Gold certification to promote Gemba Kaizen  
- Trained a number of professional promotion personnel with professional direction and expertise, build a self-promoting lean improvement system  
- Improved efficiency, wages and morale of employees.

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