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3P Lean Factory Layout Design Consulting Cases - Pharmacy

Company Profile:
The multinational medical group provides innovative medical technology and services to meet the demand of more people around the world to get better medical care at a more affordable cost. The group focuses on the world's most important problems and is committed to coping with major challenges in the industry with outstanding talents and leading technologies. The group helps medical professionals provide high-quality medical services to patients in the fields of medical imaging, software and information technology, patient monitoring and diagnosis, drug research and development, biopharmaceutical technology, excellent operational solutions, etc.

The medical group has been operating in China since 1979. At present, it has established several operating entities including sole proprietorship and joint ventures in China, with more than 7,000 employees. The company has many businesses in China, including R&D, design, purchasing, production, sales, marketing and services, covering all technologies and services provided by the group in the world. Based on the basic research of China R&D Center and other R&D centers around the world, the R&D team of more than 1,000 engineers in China is developing leading medical products and technologies for China and the world.

Project Background:
located in Shanghai, Pudong, The existing capacity of the company had bottlenecks and could not the expansion demand of the company's business. The company decided to adjust the existing factory layout to reach an annual pharmaceutical production capacity of 30 million. They expected to introduce 3P lean design in the process of factory layout adjustment and capacity improvement according to high standards, and build lean production lines and lean production management system to fundamentally eliminate waste.

In the process of 3P layout design, the company timely introduced automatic boxing, light inspection and packaging equipments. The production lines should maintain appropriate flexibility in the introduction of automation equipments to cope with market fluctuations. According to lean design principles, optimized the overall logistics of the factory, shortened the logistics distance and increased the output value per unit area.

Implementation Process:
1. PQ, PR and demand analysis

2. Product fishbone diagram and material analysis

3. Seven designs of 3P layout

5. Detailed design of 3P layout – Moonshine

6. Management design of 3P production line - Standard Work

Project Achievements:
Quantitative: Increased production capacity by 50%. Reduced the WIP inventory 68%. Shortened handling distance by 47%. Increased production line efficiency by 24%.
Qualitative: Built an orderly and smooth internal plant logistics. Reduced the risk of leakage. Built an industry-leading lean pharmaceutical dream factory.

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