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Lean Benchmarking Plant Consulting Case - Construction Machinery (Heavy Machinery)

Company Profile:
Founded in 1943, the company began to produce truck cranes (Q51 type 5 tons) in 1963., It produced the first domestic hydraulic truck crane (QY16 tons) in the 1970s. At present, the company has formed a total of more than 150 varieties of products with crane as the main, and tower crane and orther products as the supplement. The company's 1,000-ton all-terrain crane and 2,000-ton crawler crane have passed the national technical appraisal. The projects of "key technology development and industrialization of all-terrain cranes" and "key technologies and applications of mobile complete sets of lifting equipment for large-scale engineering construction" have won the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The patent for "the combined self-disassembling and balancing device" has won the National Patent Gold Award. 220 tons of truck cranes, XCA5000 all-terrain cranes, and 4000 tons of crawler cranes were produced in the lifting machinery division.

Implementation Achievements:
Quantitative indicators:

- Increased efficiency by 35%
- Reduced the number of WIP by 60%
- Shortened production lead time by 35%
- Saved the area by 35%    

Qualitative indicators:
- Reduced waiting time 1H/shift for employees
- Reduced the operation intensity
- Improved the efficiency of employees and increased their salaries
- The site became more excellent and improved the corporate image

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