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Lean Operation Transformation Consulting Case - Construction Machinery

Company Profile:
A Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the listed companies in China's heavy machinery industry. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a heavy machinery group. It was established in June 2008 to manufacture large, medium and small excavators with an annual output of 4,000 excavators and nearly 2,000 employees. The average age of front-line employees is more than 20 years old. The company comprehensively promotes the construction of intelligent factory, including intelligent flexible welding production lines, parts clustering processing center, automatic paint dispensing and centralized transportation system, automatic lean logistics delivery system, whole process staged fixed torque tightening technology, etc., which fully guarantees the reliability and quality stability of each process of the products. Through full implementation of Lean Six Sigma, and ERP/MES management, the company has passed the strict QES management system certification, and deeply carried out the "Zero Defect Project". The intelligent production workshop of the excavator has realized the combination of scale and specialization, and the integration of informatization and automation. It is the “provincial demonstration intelligent workshop”.

The managers are mainly from the original listed subsidiaries of the group. Their average age is under 40 years old. They have ideas, energy and execution. The company aims at leading Japanese enterprises in the industry, hopes to explore a development path of lean operation mode with corporate culture background and characteristics under the help of external forces.

Projcet Achievements:
Quantitative Indicators:
Improved productivity by 50%, reduced the inventory of WIP by 48%, reduced single failure rate by 41%, saved the space by 25%. The lean maturity of the enterprise increased from 2.12 to 2.73.
Qualitative Indicators:
Through the implementation of lean production, the enterprise has trained a number of backbones, formed a systematic improvement culture and system, and continuously cultivated fresh power and good operation mode for the expansion. Its internal gradually formed a standardization system, improvement proposal system and so on.

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