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3P Lean Design of New Factory Consulting Cases - Medium Voltage Electric

Company Profile:
Founded in Spain in 1967, the group focuses on the production, research and development and promotion of primary and secondary distribution switchgear, transformers, substations and electromechanical protection equipment. Since its establishment, its medium voltage branch has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers of distribution switchgear.Over the past decades, the Group has been expanding and has become an international enterprise with branches in many countries and regions.

Project Objectives:
Since the lean project started at the same time as the factory construction, there is no quantitative indicator. The company expected to achieve the following qualitative objectives through the introduction of lean projects:
1. Build a lean production line. 
2. Train some middle and senior management lean improvement talents. 3. Establish a lean production management system and create a corporate culture of continuous innovation and improvement.

Implementation Process:
Stage 1: 3P Lean Layout Design. While purchasing equipments and building factories, 3P Lean Layout Design was carried out to to achieve a good cooperation among men, machines, materials and methods.
Stage 2: Internal Logistics Design. Built the supermarket for raw materials, used Kanban pull and transferred materials through Water Spider to minimize the inventory of raw materials, while ensuring the accurate supply of production.
Stage 3: Standardization of Production Management. Standardize the work of production supervisors, established pre-shift meeting, quality, safety and post-shift meeting, established the Kamishibai system and cultivated improvement ability of production supervisors. Stage 4: Continuous Improvement. In the process of operation, used lean tools to break through the problems affecting production, straightened out the production process and cultivated the team's ability to find problems and solve problems.

Project Achievements
Quantitative Indicators:

Quantitative Indicators:
1. Established a lean production line with a good coordination of man,machine, material, method and environment. 2. Establish a sound internal logistics system to control the quantity of inventory and deliver the correct quantity of correct parts at the correct time;
3. Trained some senior management lean talents. Lean team members learned the knowledge of lean through continuous exploration and practice. The new employees contacted with lean production from the date of joining the company. The factory has gradually established a continuous improvement atmosphere.
4. The cultivated lean talents began to promote lean production independently in the Zhuhai factory. Basic training, 3P production line design and internal logistics projects have been carried out. Internal talents have become the backbone of lean implementation in the group.

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