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Lean Transformation Consulting Cases - Electrical and Electronic Components

Company Profile:
The company is a world famous interface product supplier and the world market leader in the fields of electrical connection, electronic interface technology and automation. The group currently has subsidiaries in nearly 40 countries and representative offices in more than 50 countries. It has many technical advantages and strengths, such as bussing technique based on INTERBUS, ETHERNET & PROFINET network technology, industrial wireless technology, fiber optic connection technology, security technology, surge absorption technology, comprehensive electrical connection technology and so on. The scope of this project is the manual line workshop of the company.

Project Background:
As the largest terminal production base in the world, the company has the No. 1 sales volume of the group and continues to provide fast service and stable products for the sales of Chinese companies and groups. However, with the changes of market and customers, the company needs to develop more rapidly and organize production more efficiently, economically and flexibly. The workshop where the project was implemented has 35 traditional manual lines and undertakes the production task of more than 1,000 kinds of products. With the rapid development of production, the company hopes to accelerate its pace and truly change the current production mode. At the same time, it is expected to build the new lean benchmark workshop of the company.

Implementation Process:

Stage 1: Construct Success Factors
The project is a systematic lean transformation project. After the start of the project, under the guidance of Dantotus, the company constracted project success factors around goal, commitments, resources, skill and plan, built project team, evaluated team lean skills and combined project content to formulate promotion plans, trained Total Flow Management, investigated current situation, set goals, and planned the War Room for project management. These created preconditions for the project success. 


Stage 2: Construct Success Mode
The project is promoted by 3K comprehensive management mode and is divided into support improvement group, production line design group, logistics improvement group and daily improvement group. The goal of the project is to improve the overall efficiency of the manual line workshop by 15%. According to  the common problems of current production lines in the workshop - batch type false flow and operators take materials, in the construction stage of the successful mode, the production line with a high proportion of production hours is selected as the pilot through PQ analysis. The improvement mode and process of production lines in the manual line workshop are explored.The production line design group was responsible for improving the production line that orders would continue to grow in the future. The efficiency was improved by introducing LCIA equipment. Daily improvement group without investing too much resources, quickly achieved small (20%) efficiency improvement by eliminating waste and using simple tooling. They were also responsible for the preparation of new production line, 5S visualization and other daily improvement. Logistics group was responsible for the optimization of material supply and recovery process to reduce reduce the off-line time of production line personnel. After three months of improvement, the company summarized the improvement routine and promotion mode suitable for the current situation of manual lines.

Stage 3: Copy and Popularize Mode
There were 35 production lines in the manual line workshop. In the replication and promotion stage, the company integrated internal production, planning, equipment, logistics and other departments to establishe a cross-functional team.They adopted Kaizen Week promotion mode to quickly replicate improvement results. Through two months, 18 production lines were redesigned, and the overall efficiency of the workshop was increased by 15.3%. The original batch operation mode was changed to the flow operation mode. Production lines has been changed into special line production due to redesign of work station. In order to deal with many varieties of production demands and reduce the loss of line change, they inreased the production applicability rate of production lines through Kaizen Week of rapid production preparation. The average line change time was reduced from 17 minutes to 5 minutes. The redesigned production line greatly reduced the workshop area. The area was reduced by 20% by adjusting the overall layout of the workshop.

Based on TFM model with the core methodology of Dantotsu consulting, Phase 2 project content will focus on deepening the design of the production line, improving the internal logistics in the manual line workshop for implementing Phase 1 Project and improving the efficiency of other manual line workshops.

Project Achievements:
- Improve the overall efficiency of the workshop by 15%
- Reduce the workshop area by 20%
- Reduce setup time by 70%
- Establish a set of lean on-site assessment system
- Establish a work area for Moonshine in the workshop
- Authenticate 8 JIT production line designers

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