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Dantotsu Lean Strategy Congsulting Methology

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Congsulting Methology, which combines with the global frontier lean transformation practice and the first-line transformation practice of Chinese local enterprises in 12 years, has successfully helped dozens of large group enterprises at home and abroad to carry out the lean strategy system transformation, gain strategic leading market competitive advantage, helping good enterprises to become great ones!

Lean Strategy Transformation and Manufacturing 2025 Planning

While the global economy is facing great challenges, Chinese enterprises have once again become the driving force of global economic stability and development. All countries in the world have accelerated the pace of industrial development: from the " Priorities USA" of the United States to the " Industry 4.0" strategy of Germany, and then to the "Made in China 2025" development planning of China, manufacturing industry is becoming the top priority of economic development of all countries, and lean strategy plays an important role as Chinese enterprises going globewide.





Environmental Change


Global Competition

Shorter Product Life Cycle

Personalized Needs

Labor Costs Rise

Sustainable and Green Manufacturing


"Made in China 2025" clearly realized intelligent manufacturing in high-end manufacturing

President Trump of the United States launched " Priorities USA"

Chancellor Merkel of Germany launched the future project "Industry 4.0"

3 Levers of Lean Strategy Transformation System

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Consulting Company is a consulting company which is based on lean strategy transformation system and assisting customers to carry out lean system transformation by strategic leverage. Dantotsu Consulting Company has guided many excellent enterprises at home and abroad to carry out lean transformation. More importantly, through years of efforts, Dantotsu consulting team has established in the industry to assist enterprises in strategic lean transformation, and got a reputation for outstanding performance.

Dantotsu uses strategic leverage promotion method to help enterprises integrate lean strategy with enterprise development strategy, and promotes the realization of enterprise lean strategy from 3 leverage forces: Kaikaku, Kaizen and Kaiaku.

Three Lean Strategy Transformation Leverages

Turn of the Market


Self regression

Company development

Lean Enterprise

Lean transformation strategy to deal with the rapid changing environment, become a Dantotus’s company in the industry!

Lean Strategy Transformation System Model

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Transformation System consists of 5 levels of lean technology modules: Performance Dantotsu Module, Process Dantotsu Module, Management Dantotsu Module, Culture Dantotsu Module and Deployment Dantotsu Module. The implementation of all consulting modules are closely integrated with the enterprise development strategy, and the overall promotion and control are carried out from the financial level and annual budget.

Company long Term Value

Performance Excellence

Value Growth Lean

Transformation leverage

QCD Lean

Lean Operating System

DNA DNA of Continuous Improment Culture

End to End Lean

Lean Strategy Transformation System Deployment Roadmap (Five-stage Method)

Dantotsu Lean Strategy Transformation System adopts the five-stage method for system deployment: "system evaluation -- model pilot -- comprehensive promotion -- integrated value chain -- strategic coordination", which is used to transform the process improvement and personnel training in two aspect, combining with enterprise strategy to establishe a world-class lean operating system for enterprises and bulid a culture of continuous improvement. To ensure the effective deployment of different types of enterprises, Dantotsu provides two lean deployment modes:

System Deployment Mode: Systematically deploying lean strategy, typical enterprises usually need two years to complete.

Local Import Mode: The second mode adpots local deployment mode. Generally, it takes 6-8 months to complete the local import. After obtaining the consensus of senior management, it will be transferred to System Deployment Mode.

Organization Development

Process System

Organization is ready to be in place, the gap between the construction has been eliminated

Verify principles and establish excellence model

Set up the environment for excellent system import

World-class system deployment and evolution

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