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Company Profile

Dantotsu focuses on lean strategy transformation, providing long-term consulting services for global top 500 and China's top 100 enterprises.Support enterprises becoming industry benchmark leading in value,organization and cost. Provide group lean strategy deployment, 3P lean new plant design, lean star plant construction, lean ETE end-to-end whole process and other high-end consulting.

Since 2005, Dantotsu team has partnered with clients across a wide range of industries to help them cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and stimulate business-impacting results. With our proprietary Dantotsu® lean strategy consulting methodology , we deliver the skills and confidence necessary to help you continue your transformation long after our engagement is complete.

Our People

Dantotsu consulting team is composed of professionals with rich guidance on lean transformation of enterprises. We know that success means not only achieving significant financial performance results, but also developing the ability of personnel to cultivate a lean soil for sustainable development of the enterprise. On this basis, we build a lean operating system of DNA which can assist the enterprise to operate excellently in strategic development.

Our Approach

Based on Dantotsu® lean strategy consulting methodology, we assist our customer enterprises in lean system transformation by leverage promotion, which has guided more than 100 enterprises at home and abroad to carry out lean transformation.

More importantly, through years of efforts, Dantotsu coach team's 12-year local consulting practice in China has established a benchmark image in the industry to assist enterprises in lean strategy transformation and achieved a reputation for outstanding performance.Learn more about our approach here.

Industries We Serve

Dantotsu® Consulting roots in the field of auto manufacturing and consumer products. At the same time, we have built the reputation for traditional manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries, Including but not limited to power and energy, heavy machinery, equipment manufacturing, consumer electronics, process industries and services. Learn more about industries we serve here.

Now, our consultants serve companies of different natures, including: multinational corporations, large central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, joint ventures and private listed enterprises. Learn more about our clients here

Our Values

Dantotsu values are Kaiaku, Kaizen and Kaikaku, giving organizations the transformative power, leadership and continuous improvement needed for lean strategy transformation.

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