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Dantotsu focuses on lean strategy transformation, providing long-term consulting services for global top 500 and China's top 100 enterprises.Support enterprises becoming industry benchmark leading in value,organization and cost. Provide group lean strategy deployment, 3P lean new plant design, lean star plant construction, lean ETE end-to-end whole process and other high-end consulting.Since 2...

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    A Seal Factory in Zhejiang Started Lean New Factory Phase I Project

    In August 2019, a seal factory in Zhejiang cooperated with tangdaosu to start Lean New Factory Phase I Project. The company's core management, Mr. Yang Kai, GM of Dantotsu, and Mr. Fu, Project Consultant of Dantotsu attended the launching ceremony.This lean project adopts the scientific and advanced design methodology called 3P, in order to complete the design, construction and operation of...

    26TH Sensei Club - How to Transform Improvement Effect into Enterprise Benefit ? -

    On July 21,2019, the 26TH Sensei Club 'How to transform improvement effect into enterprise benefit ?' was successfully held in the Apollo Building in Shanghai. Participants from more than 10 industries, such as electrical appliance, automobile, machinery, lighting and pharmacy, gathered together to listen to the sharing of Mr. Jiang Weihao and Dantotsu™consulting director Charles Wang.In...

    A Heavy Truck Group in Anhui Held the Mid-term Summary Meeting of Lean Change Management PhaseⅠProject

    On the morning of July 18, 2019, a heavy truck group in Anhui successfully held the mid-term summary meeting of lean change management PhaseⅠproject. David Wang, Expert Consultant of Dantotsu, Mars Wu and Binbin Zhou, Senior Consultant of Dantotsu, Amay Li, Account Director of Dantotsu attended the meeting. More than 100 employees of the company, including Mr. Wang, Mr. Xue, mangers of each...

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